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🌐 Want to browse the web for free with ChatGPT?It’s easier than you think !!!

Getting started is so simple that it might be confusing!

At its Spring Update event, OpenAI tackled one of ChatGPT’s major limitations: its knowledge cutoff. Now, both paid and free users can use ChatGPT’s Browse feature to get answers from the web, ensuring the chatbot provides the most current information.

A key benefit of the Browse feature is that ChatGPT can now give answers about current events, a capability previously unavailable in the free version. For instance, when asked, “What is the weather in NYC?” ChatGPT retrieved the information by checking five different websites, as shown below.

Another significant benefit, as shown in the image above, is that when ChatGPT uses the Browse feature, it provides links to the websites where it found its information. This is particularly crucial for verifying details, given that generative AI tools like ChatGPT can sometimes produce inaccuracies.

Although getting started is straightforward, the process can be confusing at first since there is no clear Browse setting to toggle on in the ChatGPT interface. Follow these steps to begin quickly:

  1. Log into ChatGPT: While OpenAI allows access to ChatGPT without logging in, to use specific features like GPT-4 and its advanced capabilities—including Browse, Vision, data analysis, file uploads, and GPTs—you need to sign into your account.

Creating an account is simple. You have two options: either create an OpenAI account from the sign-in page or log in with your existing Google or Microsoft account. I find the latter to be the easiest option.

  1. Ask a question on current events : To use the Browse feature, there’s no need to enable a specific setting. It’s much simpler than that! According to OpenAI, just “ask a question in the chat that requires the use of the Browse feature.” In practice, this means that any time you ask the chatbot about current events, Browse will activate automatically. For instance, when I asked ChatGPT, “Who is currently the President of the United States?” it turned on the Browse feature to search the web for the answer.