SuperBuzz provides real-time marketing automation platform that increases customer engagement through dynamic Push notifications campaigns that deliver relevant, personalized messages in micromoments that matter across mobile and desktop

So what is all about?

Web push notifications are notifications that can be sent to a user via desktop web and mobile web. These are alert style messages that slide in at the top or bottom right hand corner of a desktop screen, depending on the operating system, or appear on a mobile device in a manner nearly identical to push notifications delivered from apps. Web push notifications are delivered on a user’s desktop or mobile screen anytime they have their browser open — regardless of whether or not the user is on the website.

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All that’s required to send web push notifications is a website that has web push code installed in it.

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Liran Brenner


Co-Founder and VP R&D at WhiteSmoke ★ Director at KeyDownload ★ Eng. at ICQ

Shahar Peter

VP Operations & Biz Dev

Founder at CryptoNext ★ Founder at WOW Travel ★ Advisor at ChimpADzee / Vorttex.io

Daniel Lagusker

Head of Monetization

Founder at ChimpAdZee ★ Advisor at Vorttex.io

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Director Of Business Development

Over ten years of experience in Sales, Business Development, Customer Service, Technical Support, Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, Computer Administration, Networking, and System Fabrication and Design.

"I think that most people still don't realise the huge potential of push notifications"

Dan Bilu
CMO at WOW Travel
Tel Aviv, Israel

SuperBuzz is the most comprehensive web push notification solution that covers everything under the sun

Kristany Rawny
— Co-Founder.
New York, USA

SuperBuzz helps you to reach your subscribers with smart web push notifications and bring them back to any web page. Power this with attribution based segmentation.

Kristany Rawny
— Co-Founder.
Manchester, UK