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SuperBuzz Named Best Marketing Automation Software for 2023 by Tekpon Partners
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About SuperBuzz

Grow Your Audience With
AI-Enhanced Marketing

SuperBuzz is an artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in marketing technology. Our fresh, new SaaS platform applies natural language processing to automate content creation and drive traffic. The SuperBuzz algorithm was designed by a group of machine learning pioneers committed to improving online marketing. Marketers use SuperBuzz to harness the power of AI and create eye-grabbing content.

SuperBuzz Inc. is a publicly-traded company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “SPZ”.

Who we are

Founded by a team of machine learning pioneers, SuperBuzz has given marketers access to AI since 2018. Our goal is to help marketers augment their capabilities and build online brands. SuperBuzz automates campaigns and drives traffic at the click of a button.

What we do

We give marketers super powers. First, our AI analyzes billions of data points based on your content, products, and user behavior. Second, we generate AI-enhanced images and taglines for your marketing campaigns. Third, we run your campaigns accross a large network and adjust them automatically to drive sales and increase engagement.

Each step is done automatically or with a single click. Compared to a human, SuperBuzz increases campaign CTR (Click Through Rate) by 3 times.

What we believe in

SuperBuzz is excited to help small businesses reach their marketing goals with AI. Our platform amplifies marketing capabilities and transforms the lone marketer into a full-stack machine. “We believe every company deserves a chance to compete with the big corporations, regardless of their marketing budgets (Liran Brenner, SuperBuzz CEO).”