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SuperBuzz Named Best Marketing Automation Software for 2023 by Tekpon Partners
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A: SuperBuzz is a GPT oriented platform, that uses AI technology to create retention traffic and increase website sales and performance.

A: If the performance of your site important for your busniss? if the answer is yes, Superbuzz is for you

A: Superbuzz analysis your website and the behcior of your website on your site and create tailed made campaigns that generates incoming traffic to your site. SuperBuzz focus on retention, The SuperBuzz engine create campaigns automaticly and genertaes push notificaiton to drive users back to your site.

A: You don’t need to do anything all the process is compltely automatic, SuperBuzz analyzes your webiste and your users behavior and create tailord made campaigns withour any human intervantions.

A: SuperBuzz is a public trades company (TSXV:SPZ), which were funded in 2018 by industry veterans to create AI tools that will help online busnisses perform better